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Shaping Global Innovation

SOSA connects leading corporations to their future

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About SOSA

We are honored to be chosen by the City of New York to build the official Global Cyber Center of the City and to transform NYC into the cyber capital of the world!

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Welcome to SOSA!

In an ever-changing world, where traditional industry boundaries are blurring, technologies are reshaping markets at breath-taking speed, and innovation is everywhere – disruption is the only way to stay relevant.

Our mission is clear. To help our partners stay at the forefront of innovation. Whether they are corporations, cities, or countries, we bring our partners access to global sources of disruptive innovation – facilitating high-value POCs, investment & growth opportunities together with strategic partnerships.

Founded in 2014 by 25 leading Israeli investors and high-tech entrepreneurs, our global network currently comprises 150 multinational corporations and investors, together with over 8,500 startups. We leverage this network to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of corporate innovation. By bringing together cherry-picked stakeholders from all industries under one roof, SOSA fuels innovation ventures and breakthrough business partnerships.

Global Network of Innovators

Global Network of Innovators

SOSA partners with leading global corporations, investors and innovation players who are constantly engaging with disruptive startups

Fostering Innovation & Growth Opportunities Between Corporations and Startups