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Investment and Growth Opportunities in SOSA’s State-of-the-Art Workspace

SOSA was founded on a fundamental principle crucial for growing the Israeli business ecosystem: to provide selected entrepreneurs with the most supportive go-to-market & global business networking platform. On a daily basis, we connect SOSA tech startups from our global network with our international partners – leading global corporations, investors, and governmental entities that are actively looking for disruptive technologies.

SOSA’s state-of-the-art spaces in Tel Aviv and New York are landing pads for selected tech startups looking to engage with investors and corporations. With weekly office hours featuring top investors and industry executives, curated content events, and SOSA’s executive business development & marketing team, our startups maximize their growth in the global hi-tech ecosystem.

SOSA Startups Enjoy

Access to Global Corporations and Investors

Our startups enjoy direct access to leading corporations who are actively looking for disruptive technologies within SOSA’s global network. We work to curate impactful connections between our startups and the partners & leading investors from the SOSA network.


Whether you’re seeking a private space for your team to organize, or a vibrant communal work-space surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, you’ll find it at SOSA. Our intricately designed innovation spaces in Tel Aviv and NYC serve as complete innovative ecosystems. We emphasize creating a lifestyle and community experience and facilitate collaboration between startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations. This drives the eureka moments that spark the future of corporations and startups alike.

Mentorship & Content Events

We regularly conduct comprehensive business development meetings with our startups to help them grow, and provide them access to tailored mentorship by leading investors and executives from within the SOSA global community. Ongoing curated content events cover all verticals and bring together the most relevant stakeholders in order to facilitate and accelerate business interactions. The diverse collection of resources provided by SOSA enable startups to fast-track their growth while providing them direct access to the core of key foreign markets and business opportunities.

Preferred Service Providers

Our startups receive unparalleled access to selected service providers in a range of fields, including: banking, legal, audit, financial services, ESOP trustee services, marketing, HR recruitment, strategy, insurance, and access to cloud credit programs.

startup at sosa

SOSA NYC is a fantastic innovation hub because it is filled with exciting start-ups and great people. It feels small and intimate while offering events, investor office hours, and everyone working here is super sweet and accommodating! I highly recommend it!

Anne Kroijer, Co-Founder, OnFrontiers

startup at sosa

When opening kwik NYC office, SOSA NYC was the best match for us. With the wide network, SOSA NYC enables us to connect directly with great potential corporations, partners and investors, and this hub allows us to be in an innovative environment with other startups. We appreciate the personal attention, the sense of community, and we most definately enjoy the great vivid atmosphere.

Ofer Klein, Founder & CEO, kwik

startup at sosa

When we found out about the arrival of SOSA in New York, we immediately connected with the team in order to be part of the inaugural community. The vision, the support, and the network that SOSA brings are extremely valuable assets in the early days of any startup. If you are looking for the right New York landing pad as an international startup or for a strong launching pad if you are a new New York startup, look no further.

Yiannis Broustas, Co-founder & CEO, Hanker

startup at sosa

Our team founded Cred after spending a majority of our professional careers in the military. SOSA helped connect us to the ecosystem, introduced us to relevant partners, potential clients and investors, and gave us a place to call home. I highly recommend any startup to connect with SOSA, a central hub within the Israeli startup ecosystem.

Ben Fried, CEO, Cred

startup at sosa

As entrepreneurs, we've come to learn that personal connections are the most important asset in the path to success. SOSA has a huge network and a real community of investors and entrepreneurs. During our time at SOSA, we've come across potential investors and potential clients on a daily basis, we got some of the best advise from SOSA's Biz Dev team, and we made ourselves good friends who are struggling with the same issues as we have.

Omer Blaier, CEO, Castor

startup at sosa

The introductions we received from the SOSA team got our foot in the door for our first strategic customer, and it's created a positive ripple effect for another potential customer we're in negotiations with. Our relationship with you has given us so much value and we appreciate you and the SOSA community more and more each day!

Rachel Brender, Co-Founder and CEO, PitayaLife

startup at sosa

BOTique is leading conversational UI platform that provides businesses with Composable Smart Assistant Solutions.
We joined SOSA couple of months ago and it was one of the best choices we have made for our team.
SOSA's team offers their consult & experience in anything a startup needs, from go-to-market strategies to funding technics.
With powerful connections to leading companies and investors, SOSA is the perfect place for a startup to grow.

Yoav Yanovsky, Co-Founder and CEO, BOTique

startup at sosa

MyndYou is an AI based platform that provides tools for maintaining cognitive abilities through passive monitoring for older adults living with cognitive impairment.
We benefit greatly from SOSA on many levels. The SOSA Team is invested in thinking about our needs and connecting us to the right investors and partners - through both intentional introductions and unexpected connections in the corridors. Additionally, the atmosphere at SOSA is energetic, comfortable, and inspiring to a young start-up like ourselves. We are very happy to have found a place like SOSA from which to build our company.

Ruth Poliakine Baruchi, CEO, MyndYou

startup at sosa

Since the first day of our residency at SOSA, my team and I have felt as though we've received a home in every sense of the word. SOSA has not only provided us both the physical surroundings to inspire creativity and innovation, but also unparalleled access to a community of the best and brightest leaders in the industry, who were continuously gracious with their time and support. I can also think of no small number of times where a member of the SOSA team has gone the distance to deliver quick results when confronted with a need, issue or special request for a meeting.

Smadar Landau, CEO, Feelter

startup at sosa

GlobeKeeper provides secure collaboration platform for law enforcement and security personnel around the globe.
From the first day I arrived to SOSA I got the warmest welcome I could ever think of and incredible intros and connections to the whole ecosystem that is built around that, the startups, the SOSA team, the different industry experts, the investors. The value that our team in GlobeKeeper have gained from being part of the SOSA community is huge.

Dan Peleg, Founder and CEO, GlobeKeeper

Enjoy Investment and Growth Opportunities in SOSA’s State-of-the-art Workspace