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POC Innovation Bootcamp

From Business Challenge to Solution in Just 4 Days

The POC Bootcamp is the ultimate solution for companies who seek to tackle their strategic business challenges by engaging different business units from within the organization, with the goal of creating a technology based tailor-made solution, within a few days.

Developed solutions are pragmatic, and allow the corporation to conduct a rapid prototype for a real POC with its selected startups and gives top management the ability to evaluate both the required effort together with the estimated business impact of the new solution.

The POC Bootcamp is designed and executed by SOSA, the Corporate Open Innovation Platform, & Whiteboard, a business design agency, working with organizations around the world to innovate and design human-centered products, services and business models.

Corporate Teams Innovate Like Startups

The POC Bootcamp is designed to provide and equip a selected internal team with the resources and skills to implement external technological solutions within their organization.

Tailored around your corporate needs, the bootcamp can be used to resolve one or several business challenges.

Combining Whiteboard’s Design Thinking with SOSA’s Network of Innovative Technologies

SOSA & Whiteboard provide more than 30 corporations with 10,000 innovation hours in order to support their vision of embedding innovation. The POC Bootcamp brings Whiteboard’s rich experience with business modeling and Design Thinking implementation together with SOSA’s unparalleled outreach for innovative technologies and startups, to fit into the corporate needs for emerging technologies.

The POC Bootcamp is an intense, high energy, fast pace, inspiring framework that leads participants through the road of innovation in a human-centric approach, creating massive impact in less than a week.

Detailed Structure of the Bootcamp

Day 1 – General innovation overview and background, Data Collection,
“Walking in your user’s shoes” – modeling customer/ user.

Day 2 – Ideation and concept creation, customer journey, internal interest and interactions map.

Day 3 – Startup pitches and selection of tech solution for given use cases. Analysis of the findings.

Day 4 – Refinement of ballpark business cases, business model canvas workshop to lead to a holistic POC plan, embedded with a technology solution.

Enabling corporations to achieve rapid business solution prototyping and create an end-to-end technology based POC, answering real business challenges