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Onboarding TLV

 Welcome to SOSA

Onboarding Kit

Update: 06/01/2020


Welcome to SOSA!

We are happy to have you here at SOSA!
Below is some information to get you started.
Please read this document thoroughly, as it contains all the important details with regards to SOSA’s facilities, amenities and our code of conduct. We work hard to provide our residents with a welcoming, conducive and respectful workplace – please help us keep it this way!

  1. Hours of operation and access codes:
    SOSA is open Sun.-Thu. From 8:30 – 23:00.

    1. Access codes:
      1. Front entrance: 1397
      2. 3rd floor doors (elevator and stairway): 1213
    2. Nearest parking options:
      21 Bar Yochai St, Tel Aviv-Yafo
      HaTnufa St 11, Tel Aviv-Yafo
    3. Holidays – “Erev Chag”- 8:30-14:00 / “Hol Hamoed”- 8:30-23:00


  1. Meetings and meeting rooms:
  2. In order to book the meeting rooms, we will grant you access to SOSA Connect app.
  3. Please send us the following:
  • Company details: Company Name, Company Email, Company Website.
  • Employee details of every user you want to grant access to our
    Booking App including: Full Name, Email & Position in the company.
  1. After registration you can use the App on your mobile only:
  1. Each company has points every month for bookings. Each point equals to an hour.
  2. Room availability may change during evening events (including preparation time).
  3. Meeting rooms are available for booking in the facility, all equipped with TV screen (HDMI or Wireless connection) and conference call system:
    1. Small meeting room – 6 ppl max
    2. Brainstorming room – 4 ppl max
    3. Big meeting room – 15 ppl max
    4. Small Lounge – 30 ppl max
    5. Diner Booth (1+2) – 4 ppl max
  4. Media System in meeting rooms:

To Log into the system:
– Turn on the screen using the remote.

– Choose “Source”:

– Wireless: HDMI 1

– Wired: HDMI 2

To present using cables:

– Connect to the HDMI from the table connection panel to your device.


To present using AirMedia:

– Enter the IP address that appears at the bottom-left corner into an internet browser
on your device.

– Download the AirMedia client (if downloaded already, just open it on your device)

– Open the AirMedia client, choose the relevant AirMedia receiver and follow the instructions as needed.

– To present from your phone, download “Crestron AirMedia” from Google Play or Apple App Store.


To make a VC (voice conference) call from your device:

– Connect the USB and HDMI cables from the connection panel to your device.

– Open the VC client you need to use.

– In VC client’s settings select “Logitech” for camera and “Crestron” for speaker device.

Use the Mercury’s panel built-in microphone.


  1. Meetings that don’t require a meeting room may be held in the open lounge area and bar on the 4th floor, first come first serve.
  2. Please leave the meeting rooms neat and clean after using them.

If you need a room for longer than 3 hours, please contact Sosa staff and
we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • IMPORTANT – if you reserve a room and end up not needing it – kindly delete it from the system so other members may book it.


  1. Phone & Fax:
  2. Our main phone number is: +972-3-6930900, Fax: +972-3-6930929.
  3. All faxes are received by the main printer (Samsung SCX-5637FR).

To send a fax please dial 9 for an external line.


  1. Network & printer:
  2. Our printer and scanner are connected to the wireless network “WIFI SOSA” and LAN connections.
  3. You can access the printer only by connecting to SOSA Wifi (resident’s network).
  4. The printer is hidden, and you need to install it using the IP
  5. Full installation guide. For any questions don’t hesitate to contact the Front Desk.
  6. Residents WiFi: “SOSA”, Password: 0369309000
  7. Guests WiFi : “sosa guest”, Password: cupofcoffee


  1. Kitchenette:

The kitchenette is solely for SOSA residents and our members community.

Residents are requested to remove their dishes after use and place them in the kitchen’s sink.


  1. Sosa Coffee & Food Bar:

*Open Sun-Thurs from 8:30 – 17:00.

–     The SOSA bar offers a daily menu of breakfast, lunch, and coffee.

The bar also provides business lunch and light food for meetings and groups hosted. Orders can be coordinated directly with the bar a few days prior to your meeting.

  1. Parking:
  2. The nearest parking lot is located on 21 Bar Yochai St. As a resident of SOSA you are entitled to a monthly parking package of 400 ILS + VAT or pay 25 ILS per day.


  1. Social Media
  1. Please follow us on Social Media!

*Click here to follow SOSA on Facebook

*Click here to follow  SOSA on Instagram

*Click here to follow SOSA on Twitter

*Click here to follow SOSA on Linkedin


To Tag SOSA on social media channels:


IG: sosa_global

Twitter: SOSA_Global

LinkedIn: SOSA


We love to see your photos tagged. Please remember to use SOSA hashtags such as #openinnovation #sosatlv #sosaglobal


  1. Sign up for Start-Up Nation Central!
    Simply visit the website and click => “Add Company”. The platform comes at no cost, it is an amazing tool to get publicity and recognition for your company, and it will help us track business opportunities for you.


Please continue to share any exciting updates regarding your company’s progress (i.e. fundraisings, PR coverage, major milestones).


  1. Community
  1. Please fill out this form:https://sosaglobal.typeform.com/to/eTVmC7
  2. We will add you to our SOSA residents WhatsApp group so you can get updates with news, network events, office hours and new benefits.
  3. As a resident you are welcome to join our monthly events:
  4. “PechaSOSA Happy Hour” – once a month.
  5. Mindfulness Session – once a month, in the small lounge.
  6. As a resident you are welcome to enjoy our SOSA special benefits:

 Naim Studio
Naim is a vibrant and lively movement center located in Tel Aviv offering classes for all levels in Yoga, Dance and Pilates as well as workshops, performances and other good activities. With nine locations and over 400 weekly classes across Tel Aviv. Most classes are taught in English or are bilingual.SOSA’s special benefit:
GYM 149 ILS (Alfasi 22 – naim.org.il/gym)
Studio (+GYM) 285 ILS (studios all over the city. naim.org.il/locations)
Reformer Pilates 400 ILS
Timetable is here: naim.org.il/timetable
All memberships are month by month autopay program.


Jolt was built for the self-made, giving you a competitive advantage from your very first class. It’s the most flexible way to learn while you work. Not an MBA® is a business programme for you when you don’t want to put your life on pause..
Read more about JOLT in hebrew – IL program website.
Read more about JOLT in english – UK website.
Here you can take a look at the IL timetable and syllabus, as well as some testimonials– to hear what people are saying about us.
The tuition fees are 490ILS \ month, which grants you 4 X 90min lessons a month.

SOSA’s special benefit:
SOSA’s residents get 10% discount for 3 months.

If you are interested in the benefits, please let us know by sending a mail to the front desk and we will take care of it:) 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or if you need anything, we will be happy to assist!


Thank you,

Carmel and Yael





SOSA Code of Conduct


  1. Guests

2.1. Members may host up to three (3) guests concurrently.

2.2. Visitors must be accompanied by a host.

2.3. Visitors must be 16 years of age or older.

2.4. No pets are allowed on the premises at any time.

  1. Quiet Workspace

3.1. Phones must be kept on silent mode while at SOSA.

3.2. Loud music may not be played in public working spaces or in private offices.

3.3. Loud conversations and phone calls may not be held in shared working spaces.


  1. Co-working

4.1. Members must comply with copyright and privacy laws on the premises.
Any illegal on-line and digital activity is strictly prohibited.

4.2. SOSA is not responsible for damage or loss of personal equipment.

4.3. Be kind to your co-workers and respect their space, and equipment.

  1. Administration Services:

5.1. Members have access to the photocopier, scanner and fax machines.

5.2. Members may print up to 100 pages per month (included in membership package).

  1. Kitchenette

6.1. The kitchenette is solely for member use.

6.2. Members must collect their dishes after use and return them to the Kitchenette.

6.3. Members will avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter. Please place them in the dishwasher.


  1. Neatness

7.1. Maintain a tidy work space. All items should be returned to their original location.

7.2. Report all damage to SOSA property.


  1. Smoking

8.1. SOSA is a non-smoking workplace. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only (ground floor patio and roof).

8.2. Smoking is not permitted at the ground floor lobby or near the front entrance of the facility (near the building, entrance, elevator and staircase).


  1. Meetings


9.2. Meeting rooms may be used only by SOSA members.

9.3. Use the conference room calendar to reserve meeting rooms.

9.4. Members are allowed to reserve meeting rooms for up to three (3) hours daily.

9.5. Longer meetings, or those of greater frequency, will incur a 60 NIS hourly fee.

9.6. In a case where all conference rooms are occupied, meetings can be held in the lounge area on the 4th floor. To reserve a special area please contact the reception.

9.7. Members must leave meeting rooms and meeting areas clean and neat.


  1. Events

10.1. Events will be held on the 4th floor of SOSA


  1. SOSA and the environment

The environment is important to us!

11.1. SOSA provided reusable dishware is located in the kitchenettes.

11.2. Plastic, paper and glass waste should be placed in the recycle bins.


  1. Confidentiality

12.1 You acknowledge and agree that during your time at SOSA you may be exposed to confidential information. “Confidential information” shall refer to all information, in whole or in part, that is disclosed by SOSA staff, a member, a company or affiliate.

12.2 Your participation in and/or use of SOSA obligates you to

(a) Maintain all confidential information in strict confidence;

(b) Not to disclose confidential information to any third party