After months of preparations, HP top experts and execs came all the way from Palo Alto to SOSA in Tel-Aviv to work with 5 pre-selected startups on new concepts and products.

The closing event included pitches from the 5 companies: PhotomynePicktorialBanubaGuruShots and Edgify, a presentation from HP’s Azmat Ali and David Wetchler and a keynote from the one and only Doug Warner – SVP Strategy & Innovation at HP.

Finally, the winner was announced….!
Watch and find out who will fly to Palo Alto to continue working with HP on its concept!

“One of the things that I really love about this process is how a big company like HP can really open its doors and can actually say: We don’t know everything, we can’t invent everything ourselves. We need help from the startup community, especially that community here in Israel”,
Andrew Bolwell, Chief Disrupter and Global Head of HP Tech Strategy and Ventures.

HP <> SOSA | POC Challenge

HP <> SOSA | POC Challenge

September 16, 2019