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SOSA, the open innovation platform, stands for ‘South of Salame.’ The space is situated in a renovated vintage building in South Tel Aviv, between workshops and transformed warehouses, reflecting a pioneering innovative spirit. The building serves as a complete innovation ecosystem under one roof. By emphasizing on creating a lifestyle and community experience for its members, SOSA’s physical location is uniquely designed to foster collaboration between startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations. This results in a powerful engine which drives the eureka moments that spark the futures of corporations and startups alike. Each location boasts a beautiful boutique design concept and serves as a landing pad for all SOSA members.

SOSA TLV is located at 13 Shocken Street (corner of Bar Yohai Street), Tel Aviv 

SOSA's Network of Innovators

Locate Yourself in the Center of the Israeli Tech Ecosystem