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Connecting our Network with the US Market

SOSA NYC is the ultimate landing pad in New York providing you a strong community, network of priceless connections, access to resources, critical business opportunities, mentorship, workspace, events and support. SOSA NYC will help you to fast track your growth and give you access to international opportunities that would not have been made available elsewhere. Located in the heart of Manhattan, SOSA NYC is the home for entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporations looking to tap into the US hi-tech ecosystem.

SOSA’s NYC office and lounge offers direct access to the new and relevant NYC-based hi-tech scene. The space offers business opportunities, co-working spaces and curated content events addressing a unique span of verticals. Position yourself at the forefront of market disruption and connect with the growing NYC hi-tech ecosystem.

SOSA NYC is located at 50 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

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