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Join SOSA InnoFense Wave 2



SOSA InnoFense- Acceleration Program


The Israel Ministry of Defense and SOSA HLSTECH are excited to launch MAFA’T’s Acceleration Program.

 SOSA Innofense is an acceleration program for dual-use early-stage startups both in the civilian and defense sectors.  

We are looking for startups with groundbreaking technology, to join a 6-month program and receive a 200,000 NIS grant – No equity. 


The program offers a full package for entrepreneurs, including:

  • State-of-the-art space in SOSA TLV
  • Connections to the market and potential customers
  • Mentors from various sectors
  • Opportunities for PoC’s with MOD & IDF


Ground Forces Command Challenges 

  • Urban Navigation – accurate navigation without relying on GPS or communications
  • Anomaly detection in autonomous systems
  • Smart Campus – technologies to improve user experience and lower reliance on manpower. 
  • Predictive maintenance
  •  Unmanned platforms and systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Storage and Retrieval Systems  


Air Force Challenges 

  • Computerized Image Processing –  image analysis and recognition capabilities – identify precise building characteristics 
  • Predict airspace activity in a particular area by integrating military and civilian information sources.
  • Analyze and draw conclusions from text – extracting knowledge gained from written research.
  • Process Impact Identification – Understand the impact of malfunctioning IT systems on operational processes.
  • Cybersecurity – protecting information leaks in a geographical area by blocking capabilities in mobile devices.
  • Predictive maintenance – solutions for detecting and forecasting malfunctions in a military system.


Applications for wave 2 (Q2 2020).

*Relevant candidates will be invited for an interview.


Apply Here: