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SOSA Smart Mobility Program

Join SOSA’s Smart Mobility Program

In the past 15 years, Israel has gradually become a fertile ground for breakthrough technologies in the mobility field. Tech giants like Waze and Mobileye paved the way to a new generation of innovators that strive to enable what we used to see only in science fiction until recently, e.g. autonomous driving, truly smart city infrastructures and seamless experiences of last-mile deliveries, purchasing a tailored car-insurance or even one’s daily commute.

SOSA continuously screens Israel’s vibrant industry, and frequently connects the leading tech companies to its global partners. The unique position we hold allows us to witness the great demand for technologies like infrastructure to charge electric vehicles, services that will encourage the use of public transportation in heavy populated cities and the increasing implementation of in-vehicle sensors that will improve safety, compliance and car maintenance.

We Focus On

Public Transportation, Connected Cars, Autonomous Driving Enablement, Shared Economy, Electric Vehicles, Smart City & Infrastructure, Cyber for Automotive

Our Program Includes

Reach – Connect to disruptive companies worldwide
Expertise – Smart Mobility Innovation experts by your side
Brand Awareness – Position your organization as an innovation leader
Corporate Training – For successful implementation of new technologies
Results – Generate POCs and strategic investments

SOSA by The Numbers

startup at sosa

"We joined SOSA to build a unique tech-hub focused on personal mobility in all terrains (air, sea & land).
The “results driven” format of SOSA, along with Metro-Motor’s expertise in mobility, enables a smooth work-flow of finding and implementing new technologies.
We look forward to lead the personal-mobility world in Israel with SOSA and provide our global partners (Yamaha, Kawasaki) access to Israel’s sought-of tech-ecosystem."

Tal Shahar, Metro-Motor

Join SOSA's Smart Mobility Program