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SOSA Fintech Program

Join SOSA’s Fintech Program

In recent years, technology has disrupted the way financial institutions work. The rise of new competitors pushed major players in the financial industry to invest more resources in Fintech. Banks and other financial institutions are now focusing their efforts in personal finance management, mobile payments and lending and financing solutions. While these changes offer new possibilities, they also face new challenges such as money-laundering and identity-fraud. At SOSA we constantly work to be surrounded by startups offering a wide range of solutions from KYC compliance to authentication authorization helping banks securing their customers’ information and the company’s data.

We Focus On

KYC – Know Your Customer, Data Analytics, IT Infrastructure, Payments, Regtech, Security, Wealth Management, Fraud Prevention

Our Program Includes

Reach – Connect to disruptive Fintech companies worldwide
Expertise – Fintech Innovation experts by your side
Brand Awareness – Position your organization as an innovation leader
Corporate Training – For successful implementation of new technologies
Results – Generate POCs and strategic investments

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Join SOSA's Fintech Program