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SOSA Cybersecurity Program

Join The World’s
Largest Cybersecurity Ecosystem

SOSA’s deep roots in the Israeli Cybersecurity Ecosystem, in addition to being recently chosen by the city of NY to build its Global Cyber Center – positions SOSA as the major gateway to the world’s leading Cybersecurity technologies.

Building NYC’s Global Cyber Center

The NYCEDC has selected SOSA to establish and manage the Global Cyber Center of the city and to transform NYC into the Cybersecurity Capital of The World

The center will offer structured programming for corporations along with industry-specific events that will facilitate strategic investments, commercialization, and implementation of cyber technologies in NYC’s leading corporations. The center will also feature a co-working space for startups and Cyber NYC Members Club to expedite business partnerships.
The Global Cyber Center will be up and running in 2019.

Our Program Includes

Reach – Connect to leading Cybersecurity companies worldwide
Expertise – Cybersecurity Innovation experts by your side
Brand Awareness – Position your organization as an innovation leader in Cybersecurity
Corporate Training – For successful implementation of new technologies
Results – Generate POCs and strategic investments

We Focus On

Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Security & Encryption, End-Point & IOT Security, Predictive Analytics, Incident Response, Threat Deception, Biometrics, Risk Assessment

SOSA by The Numbers


Join the World’s Largest Cybersecurity Ecosystem