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Industry 4.0

Accessing the Latest Innovations in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum, with automation and data exchange becoming an integral part of manufacturing. Key technologies for Industry 4.0 transformation, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning, cloud systems, cyber security and adaptive robotics, are causing radical changes in the business processes of organizations.

There are many challenges to adopting an Industry 4.0 model. Data security issues are greatly increased by integrating new systems. Maintaining the integrity of the production process with less human oversight can be a barrier. Many jobs are lost to automatic and IT-controlled processes. The extent to which companies benefit from Industry 4.0 depends on how they build and manage newly skilled talent pools.

As with big data and other business trends, early adopters will likely be rewarded for their courage in jumping into this new technology. At SOSA, we are working with corporations around the world like Siemens and Andritz, helping them access the latest innovations in this fourth industrial revolution in order to complement their offerings and unlock opportunities for disruption.

Industry Corporate Partners

We are at the forefront. Our global network of corporate partners, VC’s, and investors is rapidly growing, join us on our path to the future.