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hlsTECHInnovation hub

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Pioneering Future-Looking Defense & Cyber Technologies

SOSA has established the world’s first ‘HLSTech Innovation Hub’, an ecosystem for homeland security and defense-related technologies that connects corporations, defense agencies and investors to leading startups in counterterror technologies, big data & analysis, TETRA & LTE emergency communication, AI, video analytics, sensors and Cyber Security.

Massive growth in the defense and Cyber Security industries is driving demand for ground-breaking innovation. The nature of war has changed dramatically. Instead of a full blown world war, we are seeing a global war on terror and an unprecedented increase in Cyber attacks which are just as threatening to a nation’s defense and security. Ultimately, the goal is to defend from the inside-out and provide strategic offence and defense measures.

Terror is everywhere and many countries are not equipped for defense. Israel’s deep seated geopolitical history creates the perfect ecosystem for developing HLSTech to innovate security – not just for countries, cities, agencies and the public but also for corporations – ensuring a high level of security for their facilities and sites.

We are already seeing an increase in unmanned solutions utilizing deep learning and video analytics – leaving the final decision making to humans. Corporations and cities need to adapt to the startup ecosystem and invite them into their systems to allow these new technologies to be an integral part in the way they keep ahead. The understanding of how HLSTech can revolutionize the game of war, is important and should be utilized to the relative advantage of every country, agency and corporation in this field.

The HLSTech Innovation Hub is a pioneer of future-looking security and defense technologies. Led by senior professionals with vast knowledge and experience in the field, the HLSTech Innovation Hub empowers innovators to address real market challenges. In addition, it offers invaluable connections and relationships to investors and corporations worldwide, creating first-class international business opportunities.

The HLSTech Innovation Hub is a partnership between SOSA and SecTech LTD – a platform for business development, innovation and investments in the security industry , led by:

Col. (Res) David Rokach – Over 20 years of experience in the field of HLS & Defense business and technologies. An expert with global experience in Security business development & innovation. Discharged with honors from the IDF where he served as the Head of Combat Weapons System Division, leading R&D and procurement projects. Former Senior VP at Aeronautics and  HLS Director at ‘Peres & Associates’ – a global consulting and business development company led by Mr. Shimon Peres, the ninth president of Israel.

Erik Kerten – Erik held managerial and commanding positions in Israel and abroad at the Prime Minister Office, and is the former CEO of an HLS consulting and operative firm. With domestic and global experience in designing, leading, and managing projects of large scale, he is an expert in the HLS domain with a track record of increasing business value in complex environments.

Our Vision

The HLSTech Innovation Hub aims to connect startups and technology solutions with corporations’ needs, helping them establish their technological edge and their position at the forefront of innovation.

Our Goals

  • Drive disruptive innovation adoption in the HLS & Defense industry
  • Identify and integrate relevant technologies to both optimize and improve the industry’s current capabilities
  • Accelerate startups’ maturity through unique mentorship programs and professional content led by industry executives
  • Integrate existing solutions from other verticals such as Cyber, IoT, AR/VR, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Security, etc.

HLS Partners’ Value

  • First access to an enormous database of cutting edge technologies and full solutions that address the corporation’s pain points and needs in various disciplines
  • Use of our extensive experience in HLS & Defense market to successfully execute business development methodologies, conduct POCs, and implement chosen technologies
  • Opportunity for investment in the participating startups at preferred terms
    Enhanced brand value through market positioning as innovation leaders

HLS Corporate Partners

We are at the forefront. Our global network of corporate partners, VC’s, and investors is rapidly growing, join us on our path to the future.