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Energy & Sustainability

Opening Up the World of Energy to New Technologies

The energy industry is undergoing massive transformation and facing the challenges of ongoing environmental sensitivity, changing policymakers’ attitudes and consumer expectations. Energy companies are pioneering the application of new technologies, offering more sustainable energy generation and distribution, particularly through renewable sources and smart grids. They are opening up the world of energy to new technologies such as IoT, predictive analysis, cloud solutions and drones.

Businesses interested in incorporating sustainability into their businesses are investing time and money to evaluate the best methods of attaining their sustainability goals.

Our Energy & Sustainability vertical is designed to bring innovation to the energy sector, enabling corporations such as Enel and Advanced Energy to engage with startups that complement their respective suite of offerings, support sustainability performance improvement and create new potential revenue streams.


We are at the forefront. Our global network of corporate partners, VC’s, and investors is rapidly growing, join us on our path to the future.