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cyber security

Helping transform NYC into a global leader in Cybersecurity

We are honored to be chosen by the city of New York to build the official Global Cyber Center of the city and to transform NYC into the cyber capital of the world!

In today’s hyper-connected, multi-device world, the need for robust protection against cyber-attacks has never been greater. No vertical is spared from the potentially devastating effects of targeted cyber-crime, resulting in private data theft or business discontinuity. The complexity and cost of cyber-crime has increased at an unprecedented scale, reaching as much as $600 billion – about 0.8 percent of global GDP and creating a true challenge for all types of organizations in facing and protecting against cyber threats.

On October 2018, New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) launched an initiative to transform New York City into a global leader of cybersecurity innovation to combat one of the world’s greatest threats. This initiative, Cyber NYC, will leverage a roster of world-renowned partners to launch a Global Cyber Center, an innovation hub for startups, initiatives to fuel commercialization and research, and new talent pipelines to train the cyber workforce of the future.

To establish and manage the Global Cyber Center, the NYCEDC has selected SOSA. The state-of-the-art SOSA facility in Chelsea, where the Global Cyber Center will reside, will be the hub connecting the international community of corporations, investors, startups, and talent to foster collaboration and innovation in New York City’s growing cybersecurity ecosystem.

The center will offer structured programming for corporations and industry-specific events that will facilitate strategic investments, commercialization, and implementation of cyber technologies in NYC’s leading corporations. The center will also feature co-working space for startups and a Cyber NYC Members Club to support networking and collaboration.

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To be part of the world’s leading cybersecurity ecosystem-

We are at the forefront. Our global network of corporate partners, VC’s, and investors is rapidly growing, join us on our path to the future.