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cyber security

Disrupting Cyber Threats Using Cyber Innovation

In today’s hyper-connected, multi-device world, the need for robust protection against cyber-attacks has never been greater. No vertical is spared from the potentially devastating effects of targeted cybercrime, resulting in private data theft or business discontinuity. The complexity and cost of cybercrime has increased at an unprecedented scale, reaching as much as $600 billion – about 0.8 percent of global GDP and creating a true challenge for enterprises in facing and protecting against cyber threats.

Being one of the most innovative ecosystems globally, Israel is a world leader in cyber defense technologies and practices – for the enterprise, automotive, IoT and Industrial Control Systems – all nurtured by the Israeli defense industries. The continued evolution of the cyber threats has led to a sustained funding flow in cyber security companies, with Israel carrying the flag and attracting 20% of global Cyber Security investments. As such, SOSA has made the promotion of cyber security one of its highest priorities.

SOSA’s roots in the Israeli cyber ecosystem have provided the organization with a deep knowledge of the industry and direct access to the world’s most advanced technologies in the field. The company systematically connects Cyber Security tech companies with global corporations to both educate on the importance of Cyber Security and ensure the highest corporate protection standards are met.

SOSA has formed unique partnerships with various organizations such as Palantir, Verint, Checkpoint whose product and service solutions complement SOSA’s network and expertise.

SOSA acts as a global hub for the Cyber Security industry, promoting corporate open innovation, business development, community engagement, mentorship, investment opportunities. It also serves as the main point of contact for all Cyber Security-related activities.

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