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ConstructionInnovation zone

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Bringing Groundbreaking Construction Technologies to Market

The Construction Innovation Zone is a dedicated platform bringing together startups, entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and governmental entities, aiming to redefine the construction industry through disruptive, new technologies. Our unique partnership with Israel’s government helps to expedite the utilization of these technologies on the ground. Corporations are then able to gain critical access to innovation that will disrupt the construction and infrastructure industries, along with other related fields.

Israel is one of the world’s most active sources of technology innovation, with a growing number of startups focused in the construction industry. Construction and infrastructure innovation is undeniably prioritized on the public agenda. Complex projects, tight timetables, and increasing demand for massive construction all require a lasting change in the Israeli construction industry.

These needs create enormous opportunity in Israel and around the world. Entrepreneurs are creating software solutions for optimizing the site, organizing projects, shortening schedules, and building innovative materials and tools.

With Israeli technologies, governmental support, and the spirit of Israeli entrepreneurship, the Construction Innovation Zone aims to build a unique ecosystem, making Israel a leading global ConstructionTech hub. The ConstructionTech ecosystem includes start-ups, companies from all sectors of the construction industry, contractors, software companies, regulatory bodies, policy makers, and investors. The Zone’s activities will increase the number of enterprises involved in the field, maximizing business connections between startups and industry players in Israel and abroad.

The Construction Innovation Zone is a joint-initiative between the following partners:

The Israeli Builders Association is the sole representative organization of entities in the residential, non-residential and infrastructure construction sector. With over 2000 members, the Association works to promote the construction and infrastructure industry, to safeguard the interests and rights of all contractors and builders, and to solve problems in a variety of professional fields under the industry. In addition, 14 local contractors’ organizations operate within the framework of the Association.

Ministry of Construction and Housing is the governmental entity responsible for initiating and implementing government policy in the housing sector. The Ministry works to support citizens from disadvantaged populations, secure homes for those granted public housing, and provides tens of thousands of households with rent assistance and more.

Ministry of Economy, which has built ecosystems and developed communities around specific sectors, is responsible for all aspects relevant to the advancement of industry and economy in Israel. The Ministry of Economy and Industry also houses the Authority for Investments, the Authority for Innovation, the Agency for Small and Medium Businesses, the Foreign Trade Administration and the Promotion of Foreign Investments.

SOSA, founded in 2013 by 25 leading Israeli investors and high-tech entrepreneurs, is an open innovation platform. With its global network of tech innovation hubs, SOSA brings together startups, entrepreneurs, corporations and investors – all under one roof.
This exclusive global network of innovators, pave the way for corporations to grow, as SOSA helps them in bridging the gap between the supply and demand of corporate innovation. With SOSA’s unique multi-pronged approach to innovation, corporations, investors, and startups in traditionally separate industries interact in new ways, thus providing unparalleled value for all parties involved.

The Program

A dedicated program for building the ConstructionTech ecosystem via:

  • Creating a community through meetups, roundtables, demonstration days, hackathons, curated content events, and more
  • Business guidance and support in defining the relevant products and customers
  • Creating business opportunities by connecting the local and global industries
  • Mapping needs and identifying relevant technologies for companies in the industry
  • Conducting POCs for startups and companies
  • Presenting technologies to investors

Our Goals

  • Drive disruptive innovation adoption in the global construction industry
  • Offset declining industry productivity
  • Focus on solutions for concrete pains and problems through close collaboration with zone partners
  • Facilitate strategic investment in ConstructionTech startups by zone partners

We are at the forefront. Our global network of corporate partners, VC’s, and investors is rapidly growing, join us on our path to the future.