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Governments and Cities

Accelerate your Ecosystem with SOSA

SOSA’s city and government programs foster the growth of tech ecosystems around the world by connecting international corporations and startups to the innovative tech communities of Tel Aviv, New York, and London.

SOSA works with governments and cities, such as the City of Cologne, Australia, and the Basque Country, to build and scale their tech ecosystems through game-changing access to a global innovation network.

Partner with SOSA

Australian Landing Pad Visit





Startup Land-to-Launch Program

  • Free Workspace for up to 90 Days
    SOSA’s innovation hubs in Tel Aviv and New York, with more coming in Europe, serve as landing pads and inspiring workspaces for startups looking to scale globally.
  • 250+ Multinationals at your Fingertips
    The program gives startups from other cities and countries the opportunity to enjoy full immersion in the local tech ecosystem, including access to a network of over 250 multinationals and venture-capital funds and other startups.
  • Full-time Landing Pad Manager at your Service
    With the support of a dedicated landing manager and customized business development workshops, startups go home with the tools and expertise to build global companies.

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Corporate Innovation Programs

  • Bridging International Corporations and Tech Ecosystems
    Through visits to our hubs in Tel Aviv and New York (with more coming in Europe), representatives of foreign corporations can connect to the most innovative startups in the world’s leading tech ecosystems.
  • Customized hub visits to jump-start innovation
    Corporate delegations meet with startups addressing their core challenges and focus areas, visit innovation centers, and participate in tailored innovation training workshops and events in order to kick off and scale their open innovation activity and position themselves as innovation leaders.





Brand Positioning within the High-Tech Industry

  • Branded events and PR to boost your positioning vis-à-vis innovation
    SOSA works with Governments and Cities to position their ecosystem on the global innovation map, promote their value proposition to international markets and attract business opportunities for their local industries.





startup at sosa

"Our collaboration with SOSA is our most meaningful international partnership. From the beginning, it was of the utmost importance to us to be able to connect the German insurance ecosystem to the Israeli startup ecosystem. SOSA has been a great matchmaker and we are constantly helping each other out on many projects including; inviting startups for innovation workshops, getting great Israeli speakers to talk about the industry and bridge Israeli Insurtech firms with the German market. In 2018, we held a Demo Day in Tel Aviv with 18 startups and 7 insurance companies. The result was 15 potential POC’s in the making with many of the representatives holding follow up meetings with the business units in Germany."

Sebastian Pitzler, Managing Director

startup at sosa

"We spoke to several hubs in Tel Aviv but it was clear that SOSA was the ideal partner for us. SOSA’s major ties with investors, a large network of multinationals and insights into real-world competencies are just what our city needs. This is exactly what we were looking for both our young start up scene and the digital transformation of Cologne as a business hub."

Roland Berger, Former Head of Media and Business Unit

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