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For a Safer World

The geopolitical disputes and conflicts of the future will be fought not on battlegrounds, but behind screens, using the letters and numbers that form code. Cyber attacks around the world are accelerating the need for groundbreaking innovation that can be implemented swiftly in the defense and security industries.

The SOSA Homeland Security Program is a partnership between SOSA and SecTech LTD, a platform for business development, innovation, and investments in the security industry. It is jointly managed with our close partners and industry experts HLS Tech, which is led by Col. (Res.) David Rokach and Erik Kerten. Through the program, we introduce organizations to technologies that offer security from the inside out, combining both strategic offense and defense measures.

What We Do

  • Drive disruptive innovation adoption in the HLS & defense industry
  • Identify and integrate relevant technologies to both optimize and improve the industry’s current capabilities
  • Accelerate startups’ maturity through unique mentorship programs and professional content led by industry executives

Homeland Security, the SOSA Way

  • Gain exclusive access to an enormous database of cutting-edge technologies and full solutions that address organizational pain points
  • Take advantage of extensive experience in HLS and defense market to successfully execute business development methodologies, conduct POCs, and implement chosen technologies
  • Invest in participating startups at preferred terms
  • Position your organization as an innovation leader and enhance brand value


MAFA’T’s first-of-its-kind Acceleration Program- INNOFENSE, managed by SOSA HLSTECH & The Israel Ministry of Defense.

SOSA INNOFENSE is a six months program and a grant of $50,000 for dual-use early-stage startups both in the civilian and defense sectors, operated by Col. Duddy Rokach and Eric Kerten.

The purpose of the program is to promote the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of security by strengthening the relationship between the civilian and the security markets.

Registration for 1st wave completed.
Applications are now open for wave 2 (Q2 2020)
Apply Here

Meet Our Experts

Col. (Res.) David Rokach is an expert with over 20 years of global experience in the field of HLS and defense business and technologies. He was discharged with honors from the IDF, where he served as the Head of Combat Weapons System Division, leading R&D and procurement projects. He served as Senior VP at Aeronautics and HLS Director at Peres & Associates.

Erik Kerten held managerial and commanding positions in Israel and abroad as part of the Prime Minister’s Office and is the former CEO of an HLS consulting and operative firm. With domestic and global experience in designing, leading, and managing projects of large scale, he is an expert in the HLS domain with a track record of increasing business value in complex environments.

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