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Corporate Open Innovation

Launch your Open Innovation Program with SOSA


Reach 15,000+ tech companies
Connect with industry-specific innovation experts
Position your organization as an innovation leader and strengthen brand awareness
Implement new technologies successfully through corporate training
Generate results including POCs and strategic investments every year
Partner with SOSA

A glimpse into the open innovation work we do with RBC







Customized Tech Scouting

Our team of analysts, led by a dedicated account manager, learns your innovation strategy and curates a list of startups and deal flow solutions to address your organization’s pain points and offer new products and services to your clients. We organize private demo days throughout the year at our hubs to facilitate impactful connections and strategic investments.







Brand Awareness

By investing and engaging in innovation, your brand is positioned as an innovation leader, thus attracting new business opportunities and talent. We work closely with your marketing and PR teams to showcase your brand and offerings to SOSA’s entire global network through content events, curated industry introductions, joint PR efforts, and more.







Corporate Training

We engage corporate teams in a weeklong intensive bootcamp using the Design Thinking Toolbox designed to provide and equip them with the resources and skills to implement exernal technological solutions swiftly and successfully. The bootcamp is tailored to your organization and corporate needs and can be used to address any business challenges you might be facing.







startup at sosa

"Working with SOSA has been a great experience for us. As talented advocates with a deep understanding of the Israeli startup ecosystem, SOSA thrives at connecting international players with top innovators. SOSA adds value to our network through joint activities in Germany and Israel, expanding the possibilities of joint innovation."

Nia Escobar, Startup Network Manager

SOSA by The Numbers





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