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Connecting Ecosystems

Connecting Ecosystems

Connect to a Global Network of Opportunities

In an ultra-interconnected world, we facilitate new growth opportunities by connecting the dots between industry verticals and innovation ecosystems in the US, the Startup Nation and beyond. Leveraging our global network, SOSA partners with key stakeholders – countries, governments and cities, to help develop and deliver open innovation strategies that directly address core needs and visions.

From exciting startups to investors, corporations, governments, and innovation industry players – we excel at creating powerful opportunities for collaboration and partnership. SOSA’s NYC and Tel Aviv innovation centers act as landing pads, enabling countries to effectively tap into the local tech ecosystem and explore partnerships that can help power their quest for innovation and international business opportunities.

To date, SOSA’s global network has expanded to Germany, Spain, India, Australia and the United States.

The Australian Landing Pads Program, administered by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), provides market-ready Australian startups with potential for rapid growth and a cost-effective option to land and expand into major global innovation hubs around the world. Through a joint partnership, SOSA has served as the home of the Landing Pad program in Tel Aviv, connecting the most innovative Australian startups to mentorship, business and growth opportunities in the Israel tech ecosystem. To date, the Landing Pad program has supported over 45 Australian startups in areas including Cyber, FinTech and AgriTech.

Contact the Australian Landing Pad:

InsurLab Germany is a young initiative of the German insurance industry, the City of Cologne and the German government, currently supported by 28 insurance companies as well as various InsurTech startups and service providers. A think-tank for innovation and digitization, InsurLab promotes cooperation between startups and established insurance companies. SOSA and FinTLV are the hub’s international partners, educating its members about open innovation, fostering events and business interactions and acting as its landing pad in Israel – connecting InsurLab Germany to the local Israeli ecosystem and to Israeli InsurTech startups.

Contact InsurLab Germany:

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