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Australian Landing Pad Tel Aviv

Your Platform for Building Global Companies

  • Free workspace up to 90 days
  • Over 300 multinationals at your fingertips
  • Access to top industry experts and events
  • Best practices for building global businesses
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Free Workspace

Enjoy up to 90 days at SOSA Tel Aviv, the global open innovation center, with locations also in NYC and London, where you’ll be amongst leading multinationals such as HP Tech Ventures, Munich Re, Siemens & more.

Multinationals at your Fingertips

Your ongoing business development support includes unprecedented access, personal introductions to and organized meetings with global corporations and Fortune 500 companies, as well as innovation, R&D and CVC centers.

Access to Top Industry Experts and Events

Invitations to meetups, conferences, networking events, roundtables relevant for your business.

Best Practices for Building Global Businesses

Learn how to take your startup global from consultations with leading investors, VC’s, as well as business modeling and go-to-market experts.

Why Tel Aviv – Startup Nation

Tel Aviv-Yafo has evolved into one of the world’s leading hubs for technology and innovation. Ranked by Compass 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem as the world’s leading startup ecosystem outside of the United States, the Nonstop City is a prime destination for entrepreneurs.
Home to some of the world’s leading academic programs in innovation, engineering and technology-related fields, the Startup City provides companies, with a multitude of talent, developed infrastructure and business opportunities.
Tel Aviv is a young city and boasts a robust scene of art, festivals, nightclubs, cafes and bars, which together with the unrivaled vibrancy of its nightlife make it a city like no other.




What Our Startups Say

startup at sosa

“In just 5 days, we gained more insight and connections than would normally be achieved in 5 months. A real game changer.”

David Smith, Ceres Tag

startup at sosa

“Israeli ecosystem is moving at an eye-opening speed, and is a 'must' to experience for Australian entrepreneurs. It's a mind-shift.”

Anastasia Volkova, Flurosat

startup at sosa

“The sessions were great, and many had big impacts on how we think about our strategy now and how we plan to scale globally.”

Joel Robbie, NOD

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