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About Sosa

Founded in 2013 by 25 leading Israeli investors and high-tech entrepreneurs, SOSA (South of Salame) is a global network of tech innovation hubs with a unique, multipronged approach to innovation. By bringing together startups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors – all under one roof – SOSA has created an exclusive global network that bridges the gap between supply and demand of corporate innovation.

SOSA is solving a major challenge in the accelerated world as disruption is changing entire industries. By bringing together the increasingly massive number of different stakeholders dealing with innovation, SOSA facilitates business opportunities for all parties involved.

We are firm believers in the notion that great businesses are triggered by special sparks, which are, in turn, generated by unique personal interactions. These relationships are the foundation of our global SOSA community, comprised of over 5,000 startups and 150 multinational corporations and investors.