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Disrupting the InsurTech-FinTech World

This unique open innovation platform, is directly connecting Insurtech-Fintech industry leaders and disruptive Israeli technologies, with the purpose of identifying and matching next-generation technology solutions to corporations’ specific needs.

In a world where industries are constantly disrupted, and knowledge is widely decentralized, companies must establish an on-going connection to external sources of innovation. Banks and insurers have the opportunity to become leaders in digital transformation, discover additional sources of revenue, and spearhead a bright new era of financial service excellence. To unlock these opportunities, they must be connected and properly armed with the innovative Israeli technologies that are constantly disrupting the industry.

SOSA is welcoming MNCs to partner in this unique vertical open innovation program, to be introduced and integrated into our global community, building a vibrant network for collaboration. SOSA specializes in positioning its partners at the forefront of industry disruption by providing primary access to technologies addressing their needs.


The program is in partnership with FinTLV, VC focusing on the InsurTech-FinTech industry, led by:

Gil Arazi – 20 years of experience as a Senior Manager in several prominent Israeli insurance companies: VP Migdal Group; Senior VP Phoenix Insurance; CIO Clal Insurance; CEO of Clalbit Systems – Clal Insurance’s IT Company

Gilbert Ohana – Retired LTC, former CTO of the IDF’s Elite Technology & Intelligence Unit (8200). 26+ years of experience in leading strategic IT and Enterprise Architecture programs, Big Data, analytics, and cyber security.

On November 2017 we partnered with InsurLab Germany – a dedicated platform engaging dozens of the German insurance giant corporations, and connecting them to disruptive technologies.


The Program

This unique innovation program provides its corporations with a direct access to a curated set of relevant, practical, and implementable technological solutions, with the purpose of conducting POCs and integrate the selected technologies into the respective stakeholders.


Our Goals

  • Assisting financial corporations by in-sourcing innovative technologies and creating new business models
  • Integrating existing solutions from other verticals, such as Big Data, predictive analytics, cyber security, IoT, AI, etc
  • Optimizing current industry paradigms by identifying and integrating relevant hi-tech startups
  • Driving disruption and innovation in the Fintech-Insurtech industry

Benefits of Corporations Partnering in the Program

  • Use of our extensive experience in banking and insurance core systems, business needs and challenges
  • First access to technologies and solutions addressing their needs
  • Enhanced brand value through market positioning as an innovation leaders


Startups and Corporations in the InsurTech-FinTech industry - Join us today!