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FINTLVInnovation zone

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The Program

The FinTLV Innovation Zone platform first a ssesses corporate needs and room for growth. From here, we present a curated set of relevant, practical, and implementable solutions. The final step in the program is to pilot and integrate selected technologies to the respective stakeholders.

The program is broken down into 12-months in which selected startups will engage in valuable mentorship sessions, business development, demo days, and POCs. Corporations will take part in committee meetings, curated content events, demo days, marketing and professional activities and work closely with the Innovation Zone leadership to successfully implement POCs within their corporation.

Our Goals

  • Assisting financial corporations by in-sourcing innovative technologies and creating new business models
  • Integrating existing solutions from other verticals, such as Big Data, predictive analytics, cyber security, IoT, AI, etc
  • Optimizing current industry paradigms by identifying and integrating relevant hi-tech startups
  • Driving disruption and innovation in the Fintech-Insurtech industry

Partner Benefits

  • Use of our extensive experience in banking and insurance core systems, business needs and challenges
  • First access to technologies and solutions addressing their needs
  • Opportunity to invest in the participating startups at preferred terms
  • Enhanced brand value through market positioning as an innovation leaders

Are you a disruptive startup looking to reshape the InsurTech-FinTech industry?