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Driving Technology Innovation in Construction

The Construction Innovation Zone is a dedicated platform that directly connects construction industry leaders and disruptive Israeli technologies, with the purpose of identifying and matching next-generation technology solutions to partners’ specific needs in a timely, smooth, and cost effective way.
Israel is one of the world’s most active sources of technology innovation, with a growing number of startups focusing on the construction industry. These technologies have the potential to transform the industry, offset the decline in construction productivity, and enable a new wave of global construction industry leaders.

The Construction Innovation Zone provides selected industry leaders with a focused innovation arm at the heart of Israel’s startup ecosystem, managed by a team of technology and construction industry experts. Our work methodology includes assessment of partner needs, presentation of a curated set of relevant solutions, and assistance in piloting and implementation of select technologies.

The Construction Innovation Zone has been launched in collaboration with 3 main partners:

The Israeli Builders Association, the sole representative-organization of entities in the residential, non-residential and infrastructure construction sector. The Association strives to promote the building and infrastructure sectors, with over 2,000 members; Ministry of Construction and Housing; & Ministry of Economy.

The Program

A dedicated program for building the ConstructionTech ecosystem, by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, construction and related industries companies, for ongoing joint activities, such as demo days, hackathons, committee meetings, curated content events, marketing and professional events and more.



Our Goals

  • Drive disruptive innovation adoption in the global construction industry
  • Offset declining industry productivity
  • Focus on solutions for concrete pains and problems through close collaboration with Zone Partners
  • Facilitate strategic investment in technology startups by Zone Partners

The Construction Innovation Zone is the world's 1st ConstructionTech hub, disrupting a $10 trillion industry!